Designer for project Stimulus (2016-2017)

Our research group is looking for graduate students to take part in project TFF Stimulus: creating a sensory experience (using data) in public spaces to keep elderly people moving and to stimulate interactions.

We’re working with two partners, care institutions Sint Maarten en Livio, that have provided us with playgrounds in their homes. Given the specific target group we quickly need to get to a lot of insight, for which we use design thinking methods. Also, we want to start prototyping and testing as soon as possible, instead of first developing a elaborate solution. All in close cooperation with the staff and clients of the care institutions.

We have gained some insight and defined some first idea directions, and would really like to hire some talented and pro-active graduation students to bring these ideas to a conceptual higher level.

The specific assignment can be discussed based on your interests, but some examples could be:

  • Research and design the concept, interface and styling of a physical activity competition among seniors, based on data collected by motion trackers.
  • Research and design an interactive installation that creates a personalized audiovisual experience, based on existing client profile data from the care institutions.
  • Research the current ‘state of the art’ technology related to stimulating exercise and interaction, define future scenario’s and design future solutions for these scenarios.

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